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Curriculum Vitae

Katsuhide Hirai 略歴
hiraik* e-fax: 413-581-2328 voice: 408-460-9450
Katsuhide Hirai Born in a small town of Nara prefecture, Japan
Enjoyed country life and loved nature

Graduated with B.S in Engineering Science, Osaka University
Enjoyed Gymnastics, mountain climbing, and skiing
Reading: history, literatures, psychology, and science

Attended Executive Seminar, Stanford Univ and UCB Extention
Member of IEEE, ACM, SIGGRAPH since 1983
Job Career:
1996: Board Member and President, Fujitsu Software Corp., San Jose, CA
   Board Member, Inc and Fujitsu Consulting Inc.
1994: Board Member and President, Fujitsu Network Industry, Inc., Stamford, CT
1991: General Manager, International Software Business, Fujitsu Limited
   General Manager, Applications Software Business, Fujitsu Limited
1988: Vice President, Information Systems Division, Fujitsu America Inc.

1985: Director of Research and Development, Fujitsu America Inc.
1983: Worked for Fujitsu Limited as a Software Developer and Systems Engineer
Curriculum Vitae
Katsuhide Hirai served as a member of the board of directors and President of Fujitsu Software Corporation and Fujitsu Network Industry Inc. since 1994. He was responsible for directing and managing the company's overall business strategy and direction in the North American and European market. He is a veteran of the global software industry, having worked in both Japan and the United States, first as an engineer and later as an executive directing and implementing Fujitsu software strategy. His engineering and marketing experience covers a wide range of business and industry application software, including CAD/CAM/CAE, ERP, groupware and supercomputer applications.

He joined Fujitsu as a software developer. He has considerable experience in managing Fujitsu's international software business, having spent more than 15 years in various assignments for Fujitsu America Inc. and Fujitsu Software Corporation in the U.S. His U.S. experience covers responsibility for developing new market opportunities and strategic alliances as well as directing and managing the company's efforts in developing and marketing CAD/CAM/CAE software, Object-oriented Database and Groupware application products lines. He was responsible for developing the initial strategic alliance between Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Limited.

A graduate of Osaka University, where he earned a degree in engineering science, He is a member of IEEE, SIGGRAPH and the Information Processing Society of Japan. He has also served as a director of the MIT X-Windows Consortium and Computer and Communication Industry Association in the U.S.
Technical and Management Background

- Manage software development project with over 100 Software Developers.
- Develop a strategic marketing/business plan and budgeting/controlling for systems integration and applications software products/services
- Business development by negotiating strategic alliances with US venders and venture capitalists in the area of CAD/CAM/CAE, database and ERP/SCM/CRM applications.
- Design and develop a learning organization and direct business units
- Recruiting, educating and motivating people towards business objectives with positive attitude and enjoy with working together
- Member of IEEE, ACM, SIGGRAPH since 1983

Job History
Board Member and President of Fujitsu Software Corporation
Responsible for directing and managing the company's overall business strategy and direction in the North American market.

Board Member and President of Fujitsu Network Industry Inc.  
Restructure and lead the company in a new direction. FNI has developed application sharing technology, awarded in Groupware'94 and '95, Desktop Conferencing(DTC) and LiveHelp help-desk support products. DTC group has merged into FSBA in U.S. and ICL TeamWARE group in U.K.

Board Member and Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Consulting, Inc.
Responsible for directing and managing software/services business in CAD/CAM and Internet services market. Alliances with EDS/Unigraphics, sell and support CAD product to customers including GM, Opel, Detroit Diesel and Dresser Rand. Negotiated with venture capital firms to license technologies and to invest a private equity in a newly formed start-up company.

Board Member of Inc.
Direct overall business strategy and direction for Internet enabled community services. Completed M&A to make the company public, trading on NASDAQ OTC-BB market.

General Manager of Applications Software Business  
Responsible for Application software products and services business, generating $300M sales revenues. Develop overall marketing strategy across the industry. Oversee the alliances with third parties mostly in the U.S. Budgeting and controlling software business activities of over 600-type of products from PC to Supercomputer.

General Manager of Business Planning and Development 
Responsible for developing long term business strategy and financial plan for $3B software/services business including Systems Integration service, outsourcing and application software products.

General Manager of International Software Business, Fujitsu Limited  
Responsible for developing a strategy for supercomputer applications and strategic partnerships with third parties. Provide Hessen State Universities in Germany with scientific applications solution involving over 50 independent software products

Vice President of Information Systems Division, Fujitsu America Inc.
Direct software development and marketing in design and analysis market, CAD/CAM software business alliances, and various industry research activities. Develop a strategic alliance between Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems. Served as a Director of MIT X-Windows Consortium.

Director of Information Systems Division, Fujitsu America Inc.
Start hiring people and form a development, sales & marketing organization. Experienced I the US software industry, how to run business and to manage people.

Manager of Research and Planning, Fujitsu America Inc.  
Responsible for business development, partnership with various software venders.Engaged in various research activities in CAD/CAM industry, software industry, financial industry, and IT industries from PC to supercomputers.
Career in Software Development
Project Leader of ICAD Software Development 
Responsible for Fujitsu proprietary Computer-Aided Design software or ICAD including Standard Design System and Printed Circuit Board Design, which have led to $100M CAD/CAM/CAE software business. Today's ICAD/MX is sold by GM/EDS channel in U.S. and Europe. Business development and architecture design for PC-based CAD and 3-D Solid Modeling CAD/CAM Systems.

Lead Software Developer
- Develop Software Engineering Framework, Methodologies and Tools to be proposed to ISO Technical Commitee-9 as a standard model of Software Life Cycle Framework.

- Design and develop end user-oriented problem-solving languages for scientific and engineering applications, atomic/fusion research, aerospace and automobile engine research efforts. This involved meta-compilers, Pascal, Smalltalk, and Unix on PDP11.

- Develop An extensive Engineering Language and Engineering Database that Toyota deployed for Research and Engineering laboratory automation on the TCP/IP network.

- Engaged in NASDA(National Aerospace Development Agency) Satellite Command and Control Systems for Japan's first Communication Satellite.

- Involved in APT Long Range Program sponsored by American Industry of Aerospace, followed by over 100 industry sponsors that is worldwide development efforts by Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute.

- Design and Develop APT-4 running on Fujitsu mainframe which is the origin of today's CAD/CAM systems and being used for numerical controlled machining centers to manufacture aircraft, automobile, and machinery parts.

- Systems engineer to provide IT consulting services to clients such as academic/ government research institutes and industry sectors.
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【講師略歴】 平井克秀 (米国 Silicon Valley Business Forum 特別顧問)
1969年 大阪大学(制御工学)卒業後、富士通(株)入社。科学技術系・CAD/CAM開発に従事。
1989年 米国富士通・情報システム部門担当副社長。GM/EDS提携ビジネスなどを推進。
2002年より、富士通総研でソフトウェア戦略、米国戦略投資研究、欧米の税制・情報セキュリティなど担当。 2005年より、経営企画(JQA推進)と幹部社員500名以上を対象にしたBPR・商談推進研修講師を担当。








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